Linux Systems Administration I

NETW 260

Description: This course will introduce the student to some of the key components of the Linux/UNIX operating system. The course will compare various flavors of the Linux/UNIX operating system and the history of its evolution. In addition, the student will become familiar with the selection criteria for Linux/UNIX as a alternative (or cooperative) operating environment in the business world. Finally, the student will obtain a working knowledge of the Linux operating system through practical experience.

Prerequisite: CMIT-130, CMIT-140
Credits: 3

Currently Offered
Course #DaysTimeDatesInstructorSeatsRegister
NETW 260-45Online07/06/15 - 08/21/15Mansfield6 Register
NETW 260-45Online10/26/15 - 12/18/15Staff12 Register
NETW 260-40Online01/12/15 - 02/27/15Mansfield5 Class Closed