Introduction to Computer Systems

CMIT 135

Description: A technical introduction to the broad discipline of computer science. It covers topics essential to creating a foundation of knowledge before moving on to more advanced courses. Topics include algorithms, the organization of hardware, important applications, social issues in computing, and an introduction to object-oriented programming using Python. Students must have an understanding of algebraic problem solving.

Prerequisite: None
Credits: 3

Currently Offered
Course #DaysTimeDatesInstructorSeatsRegister
CMIT 135-40Online01/18/16 - 03/04/16Lavallee6 Class Closed
CMIT 135-45Online03/21/16 - 05/06/16Lavallee3 Class Closed
CMIT 135-40AOnline01/18/16 - 03/04/16Adams3 Class Closed
CMIT 135-45AOnline03/21/16 - 05/06/16Adams1 Class Closed
CMIT 135-40BOnline01/18/16 - 03/04/16Simmonds6 Class Closed
CMIT 135-45BOnline03/21/16 - 05/06/16Cambio3 Class Closed
CMIT 135-40COnline01/18/16 - 03/04/16Mansfield1 Class Closed
CMIT 135-45COnline03/21/16 - 05/06/16Staff3 Class Closed
CMIT 135-40Online08/31/15 - 10/16/15Adams62 Class Closed
CMIT 135-40AOnline08/31/15 - 10/16/15Antonakos6 Class Closed
CMIT 135-40BOnline08/31/15 - 10/16/15Fujioka7 Class Closed
CMIT 135-40COnline08/31/15 - 10/16/15Fujioka6 Class Closed
CMIT 135-45 1Online10/26/15 - 12/18/15Lavallee31 Class Closed
CMIT 135-45AOnline10/26/15 - 12/18/15Adams9 Class Closed
CMIT 135-45BOnline10/26/15 - 12/18/15Hickey5 Class Closed
CMIT 135-45COnline10/26/15 - 12/18/15Mansfield6 Class Closed
CMIT 135-45DOnline10/26/15 - 12/18/15Simmonds6 Class Closed
CMIT 135-45EOnline10/26/15 - 12/18/15Wemette9 Class Closed