Adult Viewpoints 2019: Economic Security and Advancement in the Workforce

Sonya Krakoff

The U.S. workforce is facing unprecedented changes and the causes are numerous. Some drivers of change include technological advances, demographic shifts in the U.S. population, globalization of industry, and a continued movement toward a domestic knowledge economy. As the landscape changes, it’s the employees of U.S. organizations who will be hit the hardest: jobs will be outsourced, many career fields will become obsolete, and in-demand skills will radically change.

Champlain College Online commissioned a survey of U.S. adults in the workforce representing three generations in order to assess working American adults’ perspectives on these shifts, and to better understand how the multigenerational workforce is responding to the challenges posed by a changing economy.

In this survey, we gained insight into the perceptions of three generations (Millennials, Gen Z, and Baby Boomers) of American adults in the workforce on a variety of topics, including:

  • Personal financial security compared to their parents
  • Career outlook
  • Advancement prospects in the workplace
  • Willingness to pursue new job opportunities
  • Various career advancement activities, including going back to school

Download the full survey report.


Infographic of generational perceptions of actions people take to transition to new jobs/careers

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