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Champlain College Online Commencement 2020

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In early April, Champlain made the difficult decision to postpone our planned in-person commencement ceremony in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our commencement team then embarked into the uncharted territory of planning an entirely virtual ceremony. With the participation of staff and faculty members from the across the College, along with the many graduating students who volunteered to speak, record videos of themselves, and share in the excitement of the day across many platforms, our online ceremony was successfully pulled off on May 9, 2020. It may not have been the graduation day that our students were expecting, but it was one we will always remember. We are so proud of our students who, on top of all the other challenges of going to school while managing their families, their jobs, and life's many responsibilities, powered through incredibly challenging circumstances to complete their degrees, in the midst of the uncertainty, fear, and stress of a global pandemic. To each and every one of our graduates: you have accomplished amazing things, and we're so excited to see where your path leads next.

[In a world] where technology is advancing rapidly, complicated international relations have far-reaching implications, and global citizenship is treated more like a concept than a reality, being kind and fostering genuine connections are radical acts.  With the degree you’ve now earned, you have the tools, strength, and experience necessary to choose your path.  As you journey down that path, dare to be a force for good...view challenges through a prism of innovation and opportunity." - C.J. Peterson, MBA


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Each one of you has made sacrifices to reach this amazing milestone in your life. You have persevered and you have triumphed and you should be extremely proud. Today is a celebration of your journey and your incredible achievements. Take a moment to soak this all in as this is your day. You have earned it. - Johnna Herrick-Phelps, PhD, Assistant Provost



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A college education, an undergraduate degree, and especially a master's degree, are privileges. A true privilege in this world. Make the most of the education that you have earned. Use it by asking the hard questions. Learn every day formally or informally. Lift up the others who you can influence. And cultivate the wisdom to be revolutionary. With knowledge and kindness, you will continue to transform the world as a Champlain College graduate. Congratulations." - Laurie Quinn, PhD, Interim President


We toast you for the late nights and the tough times. When you had lost the faith that you could ever do this. That you would ever do accomplish this goal you set out for yourself. But most of all, we honor you for looking at frustration in the face and believing instead that you could do it. Because here you are. A graduate. Congratulations, class of 2020. You did it." - The Champlain College Online Academic Advising Team


Class of 2020, we are resilient.  Even COVID-19 can’t stop us from celebrating this day! Be proud of yourselves. We have struggled to fit in our coursework among family, friends, and fun. Many of us have demanding jobs, spouses that we care for, and children that just want to be close to us.  All of these require one thing: time. It is the one asset that is lost if you do not make good use of it.  The past few years were made up of all-nighters and hard-working weekends.  For me, this was my sacrifice." - Otobong "Oto" Michael Ukpong, B.S. Integrated Studies




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My biggest advice is, as you head into this world with that degree that you are so proud of - and you should be proud of - in hand, believe in the work that you put in to get to that point. Use that to flip any doubt, flip that switch, and walk into boardrooms, into all kinds of different workplaces and say, I got this. I deserve to be here." - Jessica Mendoza, ESPN Analyst and Olympic Athlete




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