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Champlain College Online consistently interacts with industry partners and business leaders, and monitors market trends and other indicators to determine offerings that would provide value to CCO’s current and future students.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), "Computer and information technology occupations are projected to grow 12% from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all new occupations."

In response, CCO is launching seven new online certificates at both the undergraduate and graduate level, available for students to enroll in as of July 31, 2020. 

These programs are a direct response to changing market conditions, and our partners' desires to provide upskilling opportunities to their workforces.  

Johnna Herrick-Phelps, Assistant Provost for Champlain College Online, said, "Champlain College Online strives to provide innovative, career-driven programs to students that are immediately applicable to their professional lives. By listening to our students and our partners, we are able to offer new cybersecurity and information technology-focused certificate programs to students that directly address business needs, and provide critical skills to the workforce." 

Learn more about our new online certificate programs and take the next step to learn more.

New Online Undergraduate Certificates in Cybersecurity and IT

Online Advanced Cybersecurity Certificate: Build your knowledge of network and website security, the risks and remediations associated with mobile devices, and ethical hacking.

Online Advanced Information Technology Certificate: Develop advanced IT skills to address complex organizational computing needs and enter this in-demand field.

Online Blockchain Certificate: Learn the basics of blockchain technology and Enter the information security field with a credential employers will respect.

Online Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate: Develop fundamental skills in networking, programming, and protecting information assets with Champlain's online cybersecurity fundamentals certificate, and enter this in-demand field with a credential employers will respect. This certificate can be taken as a stand-alone program, or can be used as a stepping stone on the way to obtaining your online bachelor's in cybersecurity.

Online Data Science Certificate: Learn how to work with Big Data to gain insight and solve problems, and enter the in-demand data science field with a credential employers will respect with Champlain's online data science certificate.

Online Information Technology Fundamentals Certificate: In this certificate program, learn to develop and test Python applications, build and manipulate databases using SQL, and gain other crucial industry-specific skills. 

New Online Graduate Certificates in Cybersecurity 

Online Information Security Certificate: Learn to think strategically about system defense, threat detection, and breach response through a graduate certificate in information security. A key component of this program is understanding a traditional risk-management approach, since it's important to be able to identify and quantify resources being protected. 

This certificate can be taken as a standalone program, or embedded in Champlain's online MBA and master's in information security programs, should you wish to continue your education.

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