Tips from Online Learners: Success in the Remote Workplace

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COVID-19’s impact has led to a dramatic increase in remote work, accelerating an already growing trend. But even prior to COVID-19, the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2019 Benefits Survey found 69 percent of employers allowed employees to work from home. 

While working remotely offers benefits to both the organization and the employee, and at times is a necessity, it’s not as simple as bringing one’s laptop home, notifying coworkers, and securing a Zoom account. Effectively working from home requires planning, skill, discipline, and some trial and error, given the unique culture of organizations and the demands of individual roles. 

If you’re looking for people within your organization who could be your teleworking trailblazers and offer tips on how to do the work-from-home pivot well, look no further than employees who have completed a degree or certificate online.

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