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Project Management Stackable

Collaborate with us to create customized project management training solutions that best meet your organization's needs.

Build Internal Project Management Expertise

Champlain's Project Management Customizable Solutions are an innovative way to help your employees develop project management skills at all levels of the organization through modularized, short-form offerings. We offer a variety of project management modules that can build towards college credit for a Champlain certificate or degree, customized badges, or CEUs. 

Professional Development Modules:  FOR WORKFORCE UPSKILLING
Increase the effectiveness of your organization by providing customizable learning solutions that harness the potential of your human capital.

Project Management Academy: FOR NEW & EMERGING SUPERVISORS
Increase management effectiveness using interactive skill practices, engaged discussions, and technical content, all designed to be immediately applicable on the job.

Customize Your Stackable

  • Choose Your Modules: We will help you choose the modules that best meet the needs of your organization. 

  • Determine Your Delivery Method: Fully Online, Face-to-Face, Hybrid

  • Brand Your Academy: We will work with you, should you choose, to make the materials for your academy look like they came from your organization.

  • Tailor Content: Infuse proprietary content and/or case studies in to one or all the modules.

  • Make It Count: CEUs or Academic Credit at Champlain College Online

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Modules can be stacked into academies or offered individually. Additionally, we can customize the modules include content and/or case studies proprietary to your organization

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the field and practice of project management (PM). Topics include 

  • Understanding what projects really are 
  • Understanding the relationship between time, cost and scope (“the triple constraint”) 
  • Putting the Project Management Institute’s (PMI’s) knowledge areas to work, and 
  • An introduction to various methodologies such as traditional, agile and extreme project management. 

The course is designed for anyone who may have staff working on projects as well as individuals who will be engaged in formal projects at any level. 

This course provides an overview of project planning activities including how to create a project schedule. Topics include: 

  • Creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 
  • Adding tasks and creating project milestones 
  • Accounting for human resources 
  • Tracking time and costs associated with each task 
  • Defining task dependencies 
  • Using scheduling software and exploring various techniques 

This course provides a high-level introduction to budgeting for projects. Topics covered include: 

  • Defining cost categories (labor, materials, software, hardware) 
  • Fixed vs variable costs 
  • Cost benefit analyses 
  • Impact of project changes on the budget. 

Today, more and more organizations are using non-traditional project management methodologies to manage initiatives for a faster and more agile completion. In this course we will discuss: 

  • What are the most common agile approaches (Iterative, Scrum, SAFe) and their characteristics? 
  • The Agile Manifesto 
  • Challenges and solutions for transitioning organizations to an agile environment 
  • Agile tools and techniques 
  • Extreme project management. 

Managing a project team may be the most critical skill required for a project manager, especially since most project managers don’t have direct authority over the individuals on the team. This course will address tools and techniques for managing teams and other stakeholders in order to successfully complete a project. Topics include: 

  • Creating project organizations 
  • Conflict resolution 
  • Meeting management 
  • Global and virtual project teams 
  • Communication management 

This course will assist PMs to differentiate between project risks and issues and discuss approaches for identifying and controlling them. Risk analysis (identification, prioritization and mitigation strategies) are explored in detail guided by PMI’s processes for Risk Management: 

  • Risk management planning 
  • Risk identification 
  • Qualitative risk analysis 
  • Quantitative risk analysis 
  • Risk response planning 
  • Risk monitoring and control 

Project managers need to successfully manage two types of change: project-level change and organizational-level change. Project change addresses the impact of change on budgets, schedules and scope. Organizational change address how a project will impact the people and processes in all or part of an organization. Strategies for smoothing the change curve include communication, training and process change management. In this course we will also explore change control planning, tracking and monitoring. 

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