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How to Get Involved in the Champlain College Online Community

Champlain College Online

Getting involved with the Champlain College Online community is a great way to enrich your online classroom experience, and to start connecting with peers and Champlain staff members who can help you be successful in your degree program and can serve as great resources to help you achieve your career goals. 

At Champlain College, online students are alumni from day one. Once you enroll in your classes, you’ll join a community of over 3,000 online adult learners and over 20,000 Champlain College alumni from across the United States and around the world. This widespread and dynamic network of Champlainers provides a wealth of experience, support, and connections to both current students and graduates.


Getting Involved in the CCO Community

There are many different ways to connect with the Champlain College community: 

CCO Facebook Community: This group of current and past CCO students is a great place to ask questions, have conversations, and get to know your fellow classmates - no matter where they are in the world. 

Champlain Connect LinkedIn Group: This group, comprised of both CCO and Champlain College alumni, is an excellent place to network, and is a great resource for job postings from organizations looking for Champlain graduates. 

Reach out to your advisors: Your advisors are a wealth of knowledge and experience - and real people, too! They all want to see you succeed and help however they can. Send them an email, or pick up the phone to share your challenges, ask your questions, or to celebrate your successes. The more you share and reach out, the more they are able to help you. 

Visit the Champlain College Online Alumni page to learn more about the ways you can become an active member of the Champlain College alumni community. 

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