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Expect more, pay less with truED and Champlain College Online. Develop yourself and your organization through personalized, career-focused learning for employees, members, and their families.

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For Employees & Prospective Students

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Your organization is committed to offering you and your family access to affordable, career-enhancing academic programs through Champlain College Online and truED.

Our truED Alliance Organizations & Partners

More than 60 organizations - including leading corporations, nonprofits and government entities across the country - are aligned with truED and Champlain College Online to upskill their workforces, improve employee retention, and offer high-quality, affordable, and career-focused education benefits, including online bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, certificates, and more.

What do these organizations all have in common? They understand the positive impact a higher education can have on their enterprise, and the lives of their employees, members, and their families. To see if your organization is already a part of truED, search our Participating Organizations. To find out if your organization qualifies for truED, call us at 866.531.9666.

Featured Partner Industries

Government Healthcare Telecom/Utilities/Energy IT/Technology Manufacturing Banking/Insurance

Dare to Expect More of Champlain Online truED

Expect Efficiency

We provide all of the marketing and communication material you need to promote your truED offerings.

Expect Career Relevancy

Everything learned in our online classrooms is applicable in the workplace, benefiting your organization immediately.

Expect Support

Your dedicated truED team member will make sure your organization gets everything it needs to make our collaboration successful.

Expect Affordability

truED benefits are free to organizations, so investing in your employees or members won't cost you anything or impact your budget.

Why Champlain

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Jiri Cruz, Master's in Executive Leadership from Champlain College Online

Career Growth

"truED made it easy to fill out the Champlain application and receive tuition savings. I'm now equipped to advance in my career - I have the tools, I have the skills, I have what I've learned in this program, and all of that is helping me be successful."

Jiri Cruz Master's in Executive Leadership
Management & Program Analyst
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Join truED

If you're ready to upskill your workforce, truED offers affordable out-of-the-box and customizable higher education solutions to organizations that grow through learning.

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