truED Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from our truED prospective students. If you do not find the answer to your question below feel free to contact us directly at or 888.269.6523

Through your truED Alliance or Partnership you have access to Champlain College Online's nationally acclaimed programs at a preferred tuition rate, saving you valuable tuition dollars. truED students follow the same add/drop and refund policies as standard Champlain College Online students.

The truED Preferred Tuition Rate is not offered retroactively. Consult with your academic advisor about how to change your status to a truED student from a standard student. 

Spouses/domestic partners/adult dependents enrolled in a Champlain College Online program prior to the truED agreement will continue to pay the standard tuition rate until they complete their program. Those who start a new program will receive the truED preferred tuition rate upon enrollment, but they must notify their academic advisor which truED organization they are affiliated with. 

Employees who were students at Champlain College Online prior to their organization forming a truED agreement should alert their academic advisor immediately to receive the truED rate. The preferred tuition rate will take effect at the start of the next semester, it is not immediate or retroactive.

If you leave your truED organization you will continue to pay the preferred tuition rate for the remainder of the current semester as well as the following semester. Your tuition will then revert to the standard tuition rate. 

If your new employer has a truED agreement with Champlain College Online you will continue to pay a truED preferred tuition rate, though your tuition may change depending upon the type of agreement your new employer has.  

There are more than 60 fully-online programs that are eligible for truED preferred tuition pricing. Unfortunately, none of our on-campus programs or courses are eligible for this pricing. 

If you retire and are already enrolled in a Champlain College Online program through truED you may continue to pay the truED Preferred Tuition rate. However, if you stop taking courses for more than 1 semester and then decide to return you will be charged the standard Champlain College Online per credit rate in effect at the time you return.

Per the procedures stated in our Refund Policy you may withdraw from a course or courses at any time, but you MUST follow the procedures listed on our Refund Policy page and the amount of your refund will depend upon your date of official withdrawal. There is also a specific timeframe to withdraw/passing from a course versus withdraw/not passing. Please speak to your academic advisor to learn specifics. If you withdraw from your program/the college and do not return within three semesters of your last course you will need to re-apply should you decide to return. 

There are a number of ways to identify yourself as a truED student. If you call our toll-free number (802.357.5188) simply identify yourself as qualifying for truED, our admissions team will take care of the rest.  If you complete a form on one of our truED websites, simply select the name of your organization/affiliation and you will be automatically identified as a truED student. 

Because the truED Preferred Tuition Rates already provides substantial savings, Champlain College does not provide any additional institutional grants or scholarships to truED-eligible students. However, we do encourage you to apply for Federal financial aid

You must complete and submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our financial aid office at 800.570.5858 or visit our Financing Your Education page.

Should you need to withdraw from a class or classes you must follow the procedures listed on our Refund Policy page. The amount of your refund is dependent upon when you officially withdraw from class(es). 

Through truED you may pay your tuition in a variety of ways. For detailed information visit our Paying For School page.

No matter what your method of payment, your first tuition payment is due prior to the start of each semester/term. 

Many of our courses use articles, journals, and free e-books for required reading instead of textbooks; instructors utilize Champlain College's free digital library to hold books and articles for students to access. However, some of our courses do require you to purchase books. To find out if your course has books you need to purchase, simply enter your course information (course and section number) into the campus bookstore website to see if there are any listed. Remember, if you are receiving financial aid you may use your aid toward the purchase of books for your class(es).