Community College Agreements & Articulations

Community college students have a special place at Champlain. We value the steps you've already taken in your education journey, and partner with you to provide a quick and easy transfer process.

Community College Articulation Agreements

Champlain College Online has developed partnerships with a number of community colleges to help make the transfer process easier for students who wish to pursue a four-year degree online. Please keep in mind that while we have agreements with the colleges below, this is not an exhaustive list. We accept transfer credits from most regionally accredited colleges and universities, as well as from other sources. Visit our transfer credit page to learn about all the opportunities available to get credit for what you know - our policy allows up to 90 credits to be brought in from prior college courses and other sources.

If you are a traditional-aged student looking for an on-campus experience, visit our articulation & admission agreements page on the Champlain College Compass Student Services site.

Learn more about our transfer partnerships with schools from around the country and Community College of Vermont below. 

    We have a deep, long-standing relationship with the Community College of Vermont (CCV) that allows students who have earned an associate degree from CCV to easily transfer into Champlain College's online bachelor's degree programs. To maximize transfer credits to Champlain College Online, we encourage you to meet with a Champlain admissions counselor early in your CCV degree program.

    CCV Assessment of Prior Learning Portfolio Course

    CCV offers students the opportunity to demonstrate competency and the value of their prior professional experiences through the Assessment of Prior Learning (APL)—EDU 1240 portfolio course. At Champlain College Online, we want to ensure CCV students get the maximum possible transfer credits to all of their CCV coursework, including the portfolio course. For this reason, we request specific documentation, as outlined below.

    Documents Required for a Transfer Credit Review of the CCV Portfolio Course:

    • If you have completed, or are in the process of completing, the CCV portfolio course, please request to have an official Assessment of Prior Learning (APL) transcript sent directly from the Vermont State Colleges to Champlain College Online.
    • In addition, please email your personal copy of the document titled "Marked-up Areas of Study" from your CCV award packet to

    Integrated Studies: Our Signature Transfer-Friendly Bachelor's Program

    Many students come to Champlain with a significant number of credits that don't fit precisely into one of our existing degree programs. In order to maximize transfer credits and get students to completion faster, we've designed the Integrated Studies degree, our signature transfer program. Students with an A.S. in any field can pursue a B.S. in Integrated Studies. We will accept up to 60 degree-credits, provided that a grade of C or higher has been earned in each course. If students have additional college credit, work experience, or job training, we are happy to review it to see if it is eligible for transfer credits, up to a total of 90 degree-credits.

    Completer Programs

    Champlain offers several "completer degrees" for CCV students, which allow them to directly apply their full 60-credit load from their associate degree to a bachelor's degree. These options allow students to maximize their transfer credits and transition easily into a four-year program. In these programs, Champlain will accept certain CCV associate degrees as a block of 60 degree-credits, which means you'll be halfway to the 120 credits required for a bachelor's degree and will have junior status at Champlain College Online.

    Business Completer Degree

    Students with an A.S. in Business from CCV can pursue a B.S. in Business Management from Champlain College Online. Our business completer degree was designed to fit all credits earned through a CCV A.S. in Business, assuming that students maintained a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5. If you are eligible for the completer degree in business administration, you will automatically be enrolled during the admissions process.

    CCV students who have successfully completed an A.S. in Business at CCV are also eligible to apply to several on-campus bachelor's degree programs, including the BS in Business Administration, BS in Finance, BS in Marketing, BS in International Business, and BS in Management & Innovation. Click here to learn more about transferring to a campus-based bachelor's degree program.

    Healthcare Administration Completer Degree

    Champlain's online B.S. in Healthcare Administration completer degree accepts all CCV A.S. degrees as a block of 60 credits, provided that applicants are working in the healthcare industry and have maintained a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 in their CCV coursework. If you are eligible for the completer degree in healthcare administration, you will automatically be enrolled during the admissions process.

    Other Completer Degrees

    CCV students who have successfully completed an A.S. at CCV are also eligible to apply to a number of on-campus bachelor's degree programs. Click here to learn more about transferring to a campus-based bachelor's degree program.

    Transferring Into Other CCO Programs 

    If your CCV associate degree does not apply to one of the completer degrees listed above, or you're interested in a different field, you can still apply to transfer your community college credits to any of Champlain College Online's bachelor programs.

    We look at your transcripts and try to find a match for every course in your A.S. degree with a course we offer, assessing whether the competencies earned in your previous classes align with the competencies embedded in ours. 

    Because we work with so many CCV students, we have already determined equivalencies for every CCV course within our course portfolio, making the transfer process even easier for you. 

    Download our CCV:CCO General Education Equivalencies

    We know that students transferring in credits from a CCV associate degree program will generally earn a certain number of transfer credits, depending on their CCV associate degree field and their program of interest at Champlain. The number of transfer credits awarded will vary based on factors such as electives students have chosen to take. The following table represents the low and high ends of the credits that will transfer into each of Champlain's online bachelor's degrees from CCV's associate degrees.

    Info. Systems
    Accounting Economic
    Cybersecurity Computer
    Forensics & Digital
    Accounting (A.S.) 60 35-45 32-42 35-45 44-54 53-60 51-60 50-57 29-42 41-54
    Administrative Management (A.S.) 60 26-39 26-42 26-39 29-45 35-51 33-49 50-57 26-42 38-51
    Business (A.S.) 60 32-48 38-54 35-51 44-57 41-57 38-51 N/A 26-42 41-54
    Computer Systems Management (A.S.) 60 38-54 44-60 44-60 41-57 35-48 38-54 44-57 38-54 44-60
    Criminal Justice (A.S.) 60 32-45 38-51 35-48 35-45 35-45 45-55 47-57 29-42 47-60
    Design & Media Studies (A.A.) 60 26-39 26-45 29-41 29-42 32-45 32-45 44-57 23-36 35-48
    Early Childhood Education (A.A.) 60 29-42 29-42 32-45 32-45 35-48 35-48 44-57 26-39 38-51
    Environmental Science (A.S.) 60 26-39 32-45 29-45 29-42 29-42 32-45 41-60 23-39 35-48
    Human Services (A.S.) 60 32-42 38-50 35-48 35-45 35-45 38-48 47-57 29-42 41-51
    Liberal Studies (A.A.) 60 26-45 26-42 29-48 29-51 32-54 32-54 41-60 23-45 35-57
    Liberal Studies with Specialization in Global Studies (A.A.) 60 26-45 26-42 29-48 29-51 32-54 32-54 41-60 23-45 35-57
    Medical Assisting (A.A.S.) 60 29-42 37-50 29-45 32-42 35-45 32-45 34-56 29-39 32-42
    STEM Studies (A.A.) 60 30-45 36-45 33-45 33-42 33-42 36-45 45-54 27-39 39-48

    Other Options for Transfer Credit

    The credit ranges listed above represent only the transfer credits earned through a CCV associate degree. Students are eligible to transfer in additional credits from other academic experiences, military training, police academy training, and some professional development through the workplace. You can learn more about the types of opportunities that are typically eligible for transfer credit on our main transfer credit page.


    Learn more about our agreement with Cape Cod Community College (4Cs), from our pre-aligned programs to the Personalized Pathway. Our team of advisors is ready to help you make the smooth transition from 4Cs to Champlain College Online. 

    Champlain College Online makes it easy to transfer credits earned at the following institutions to our Computer Forensics & Digital Investigation bachelor's program.

    • Bristol Community College, Fall River, MA
    • Broome Community College, Binghamton, NY

    • Bunker Hill Community College, Boston, MA

    • Catawba Valley Community College, Hickory, NC

    • College of So. Nevada, Las Vegas, NV

    • Columbia Greene Community College, Hudson, NY

    • Elgin Community College, Elgin, IL

    • Erie Community College, Williamsville, NY

    • Highline College, Des Moines, WA

    • Howard Community College, Columbia, MD

    • Middlesex Community College, Bedford, MA

    • Minneapolis Community and Technical College, Minneapolis, MN

    • Quinsigamond CC, Worcester, MA

    • Richland College, Dallas, TX

    • Rowan-Cabarrus CC, Salisbury, NC

    • Stanly Community College, Albemarle, NC

    • Stark State College, North Canton, OH

    • Tomkins-Cortland Community College, Dryden, NY

    Champlain College Online makes it easy to transfer credits earned at the following institution to our Cybersecurity bachelor's program.

    • Manchester Community College, Manchester, NH

    Champlain College Online makes it easy to transfer credits earned at the following institutions to our Healthcare Administration bachelor's program.

    • Bristol Community College, Fall River, MA
    • Owensboro Community College, Owensboro, KY

    • Vermont Technical College, Randolph Center, VT

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