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The Advantages of Accelerated MBA Programs: Online vs. In-Person


Today, those who want to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) have many different educational options, each with its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. This article compares the pros and cons of the accelerated online MBA program with those of the traditional in-person MBA. It places a particular emphasis on the 30-credit accelerated MBA program at Champlain College Online.

Key Features of Accelerated Online MBA Programs 

There are several different accelerated MBA programs online. However, they tend to offer vast amounts of the same benefits and cover plenty of the same subject areas. Comparing online MBA programs with on-campus MBA programs, the Princeton Review lists flexibility, affordability, and access to innovative business technology among the best reasons to go the online route. 

Accelerated Online MBA Program Courses 

Accelerated online MBA programs (which move more rapidly than standard MBA programs, online or otherwise) lay the foundation for excellence in administrative management by offering courses that cover essential areas of study, such as the following. 

Business Analytics 

Business analytics detects relevant relationships and patterns to help company leaders make informed business decisions using quantitative tools and techniques such as data analysis and statistical modeling. 


The field of finance involves managing money at different levels, encompassing the intricacies of fundraising, investment, and spending. 


The art and science of marketing are centered around gaining a deeper understanding of consumer behavior to craft strategies that appeal to specific target groups. Many people confuse marketing with advertising and equate it with promotion. However, product, price, and distribution also play essential roles in running a comprehensive marketing campaign. 

Human Resources 

In the business world, human resources (HR) encompasses all matters related to employees, their compensation, and their rights. In the MBA classroom, a typical HR curriculum will include supervisory strategies, workplace behavior, and ethical leadership. 

Fast-Track Your MBA With Champlain College Online 

Due to the rapid pace of business today, it may be difficult to keep up and impossible to get ahead without an MBA. But if you are currently working or simply busy with personal matters, it can be challenging to find the time to pursue and obtain that MBA. Champlain College Online offers a solution to this problem with its 30-credit accelerated MBA program

Highlights of the Champlain College Online Accelerated Online MBA 

The 30-credit online accelerated MBA program at Champlain College Online aims to provide a strong business foundation and expertise in various areas, including finance, risk management, and emerging technologies. The program also stresses critical thinking, productive collaboration, and the advantages of a holistic, systems-centered mindset. 

Benefits of a 30-Credit Online MBA at Champlain College Online 

Successful graduates of Champlain College Online's 30-credit accelerated online MBA program have the breadth and depth of insight needed to lead business operations at senior management levels. By streamlining and condensing the MBA journey, Champlain College Online has not only made getting your MBA faster but also more affordable. The school even offers additional tuition discounts to active-duty military members and students who qualify for truED preferred tuition

Comparison: Online MBA vs. In-Person MBA 

Like the choice between a standard or an accelerated MBA program, the choice between an online or in-person program should be made with your unique personal and professional wants and needs in mind. Read on for brief comparative overviews of the online and on-campus MBA degree paths. 

When to Choose an In-Person MBA 

If you benefit from face-to-face instruction or if you place a high value on personal networking and relationship-building, you may want to gravitate toward traditional, on-campus MBA programs. Due to the highly concentrated and intense nature of an accelerated MBA program, a standard MBA educational track may be better for students who have undergraduate degrees in non-business fields or lack significant applicable professional experience. 

Why an Online MBA? 

For those who work relatively well remotely and on their own, an online MBA program offers tremendous value in terms of flexibility and convenience. Because they eliminate much of the costly overhead associated with on-campus learning, online programs often have attractive cost benefits. 

Choosing the Right Accelerated Online MBA Program 

In the end, a myriad of MBA candidates choose an accelerated online MBA program to obtain their degree in as little time with as little hassle and for the lowest price possible. Consider the following criteria to find the right accelerated online MBA program for you. 


As previously discussed, online and accelerated college programs tend to be less expensive than traditional in-person college programs. However, there is always a tremendous amount of variation when it comes to the cost of higher education. 


Without the proper institutional accreditation, your college degree may be deemed essentially worthless by potential employers. Champlain College Online holds regional accreditation through the widely respected New England Commission of Higher Education. 

Program Format 

While some distance MBA programs are offered entirely online, others favor a hybrid delivery model that incorporates a certain amount of in-person instruction or student work. Online classes might also take place in synchronous settings with set meeting times as well as asynchronous settings with no set meeting times. 

Student Support 

Accelerated online college programs run the risk of leaving students feeling disconnected and without the help that they need. For this reason, colleges have developed a range of student support services and initiatives that cater specifically to distance learners. 

Job Prospects After an Accelerated Online MBA 

As different employers look for different things when hiring for management and administrative positions, many consider an accelerated online MBA to be just as valuable as a traditional in-person MBA. 

Potential Careers 

As listed by the Champlain College Online 30-credit accelerated MBA program, potential career paths for successful graduates include operations manager, business development director, management consultant, marketing director, IT director, senior product manager, senior financial analyst, and chief financial officer. They can also ascend to top presidential or chief executive officer posts. 

Salary Expectations 

The higher education authority Coursera has determined that, directly out of school, the average MBA graduate tends to outearn the average undergraduate business school graduate by roughly $50,000 per year. Of course, it is important to note that salary rates for MBA graduates can vary widely from position to position. 

Student Experiences in Accelerated Online MBA Programs 

It is important to manage expectations regarding the student experience in accelerated online MBA programs, both in terms of benefits and challenges. 

Balancing Work and Study 

Although getting the right work/life balance is never easy, a good accelerated online MBA program can make this trick far easier to perform. 

Networking in an Online Environment 

It may be more difficult to capitalize on networking opportunities in an online MBA program, but it is far from impossible. Try engaging actively during class, participating in video chats, reaching out on a variety of digital platforms, and arranging to meet face-to-face with others as appropriate. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Accelerated Online MBA Programs 

For more information about topics related to accelerated online learning for MBA candidates, consider these FAQs: 

How Fast Can I Get an MBA Online? 

A standard, full-time MBA program, online or in-person, can easily take two years or more for a student to complete. However, you can cut that time in half or even more by enrolling in an accelerated online MBA program. Allowing students to secure an MBA in roughly 11 months, the accelerated online MBA program at Champlain College Online compares favorably with other accelerated programs that tend to last at least a year or more. 

Are Accelerated Degree Programs Affordable? 

Depending on countless factors, the financial cost of pursuing any degree program may differ, often quite considerably, from college to college. However, because colleges leverage fees on a semester-by-semester basis, shorter programs can cost considerably less than longer ones. An accelerated online degree is also the best way to save money on commuting and living expenses. 

Is an Online MBA Worth It in 2024? 

Although the costs associated with obtaining an MBA are significant, studies show that the degree continues to open employment doors and lead to more fulfilling and rewarding business careers. 

In the words of co-founder and chief data scientist Imed Bouchrika, “the core curriculum and learning outcomes of online MBA programs often mirror their on-campus counterparts,” and “the added value of an online MBA lies in the convenience and flexibility these programs offer, which cannot be matched by traditional programs.” 

The Accelerated Online MBA Program and the Traditional On-Campus Program: Which Is Better?

If you have read this article from the beginning to this point, you know that all paths to an MBA (online, in-person, traditional, and accelerated) come with their distinct pluses and minuses. Therefore, the right path for you might not be the right path for someone else. 

Is an Accelerated Online MBA the Right Choice for You? 

If you are looking for affordable online MBA programs, you would be wise to look for programs that are accelerated. Because an accelerated program packs more learning into a shorter timeframe, it can save you much more than money. 

In particular, the 30-credit accelerated MBA program at Champlain College Online offers exceptional value for students who want to cut costs and save time while maintaining high levels of academic quality. To learn more about this MBA degree option or any other program at Champlain College Online, you can request more information by filling out a short online form.

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