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Career Resource Roundup - March 2020

Sonya Krakoff

Changing careers? Working towards a promotion? Looking to build your business acumen? We're here to help! Each month, we're rounding up articles, advice, and insights from top career resources and business publications to give you insight into today's biggest career & workplace trends.

March's career roundup includes insights into what makes a great leader, advice on starting a side hustle, and tips for getting your finances in order before making a career change.


3 Things You Need to Know About a March Job Search

Are you planning to launch or continue your job search this month? Forbes provides updates on the industry trends, job market developments, and economic shifts that you should keep in mind as you look for a new job.


The Best Leaders Are Versatile Ones

As the business landscape becomes more complex and challenging, the need for versatile leaders who can handle change and competing priorities is growing. Harvard Business Review gives insight into the importance of versatility in leadership, and provides insights into how you can develop this crucial trait.


How Resilient Are You at Work?

In U.S. News & World Report, industry leaders share tips on how to bounce back and move on from career challenges.


You Don't Need to Follow a Clear Career Path to Get Ahead

Don't have a career plan? That's okay! The Muse explores how winding, unpredictable career paths are common than you might think, and gives tips for embracing a philosophy of saying yes to new opportunities - even those that might seem like side trips away from the main journey.


How to Get Your Finances in Order Before You Switch Careers

Considering switching careers? Before you make a move, you'll want to make sure you're prepared financially. Fast Company provides tips for making sure your finances are in good shape prior to making a career change.


How to Answer the Dreaded "Tell Me About Yourself" in Job Interviews

Fortune helps you prepare a strong response to one of the most common - and notoriously tricky - interview questions, to help you come across as authentic and engaging.


Thinking About Starting a Side Hustle? Consider These 4 Essential Questions Before Taking the Leap

Whether it's to test the waters of a new career, to explore a hobby or passion, or to bring in some extra income, more and more people are starting side hustles. Business Insider covers the four questions you should ask yourself before starting your own.


Prolific Wharton Professor Adam Grant Doesn't Do Time Management. Here's What You Should Do Instead.

To increase productivity, stop worrying about time. Inc. shares why time management doesn't always work, and why you should be thinking about having your priorities in order instead.

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