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Champlain College Announces Online Bachelor of Science in Marketing Communication

Champlain College Online

New interdisciplinary degree arms adult learners with integrated skills and knowledge for modern marketing careers

Champlain College Online, a leader in career-focused adult higher education, today announced a new interdisciplinary online degree, Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Marketing Communication.

Building on Champlain's long history and expertise in marketing and communication through its campus-based programs, this new program is in response to marketing professionals’ need for a broad, integrated skill set that can help them adapt to the changing needs of employers. Champlain’s online marketing and communication bachelor’s degree directly addresses recent shifts in the marketing landscape, including near-constant digital media changes, and the movement away from narrowly defined and siloed marketing and communications functions.

Proprietary research conducted by Education Advisory Board (EAB) for Champlain College Online using Emsi AnalystTM indicates that employer demand for students with a marketing communication degree has increased from 68 to 79% over the past two years, and the need for marketing specialists and market researchers is expected to grow at a rate of 40% from 2017 to 2027.

“The demands on modern marketers are complicated as we consume information in a 24/7 world,” said Dr. Laurie Quinn, interim president, at Champlain College. “So at Champlain, we’ve built a degree that anticipates what the best jobs will soon require, and delivers the knowledge most important to success today. We ensure our graduates practice the critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and interpersonal communication skills that will allow them to adapt as marketing and communication keep evolving.”

With a strong focus on application, students will earn in-demand, industry-recognized certifications from Google and Hubspot as a part of their professional courses. Furthermore, the 120-credit bachelor’s degree is comprised of general education courses that focus on development of soft skills including creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking, along with professionally relevant skills and knowledge across marketing and communications disciplines, such as market research, principles of PR, digital marketing, and integrated marketing communications. Students may be able to reduce their time to completion through the transfer of up to 90 college credits, prior learning assessment, and more.

The new program will provide students with the overarching skills needed for a variety of positions within the broader marketing communications industries, such as account executives, copywriters, direct marketing managers, media planners and buyers, advertisers, strategic communicators, and more.

Applications for the program are currently being accepted, and the first marketing and communication courses will be offered in Spring 2020.

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