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How to Land a Job in a New Industry


Champlain College Online (CCO) hosted a workshop on Wednesday, January 31, called "Fast Start Formula: How to Land a Job in a New Industry." During this online session, recruiter and career coach Jen Morris provided suggestions on preparing for the job search and answered questions about effectively utilizing LinkedIn to build your professional network.

Transitioning to a new industry mid-career can be a daunting feat for professionals of all experience levels. Guided by Morris’ expertise, our online workshop explored these tips, ticks, and insights to make a seamless transition into your dream career.

Organize Your Resume

According to industry expert Jen Morris, the key to standing out from the crowd of applicants is to review your resume before you start applying. Jen's advice? Craft your compelling career narrative, pinpoint your strengths, and showcase your transferable skills right at the top of your resume. You may even want to get your resume reviewed by a professional connection or recruiter.

Applying to a job online can be competitive, but even if you don’t have industry-specific experience, a strong resume may encourage recruiters to reach out and learn more about your background.

Get Proactive

Unlocking the door to a successful career transition demands a proactive approach, according to the insights shared by career coach Jen Morris. Morris suggests that the most successful job applicants are those who get involved in their desired industry before beginning the job hunt. Connect with industry professionals, make a mark at networking events, and amplify your knowledge through webinars and other online events. By fostering early connections, you’ll not only gain valuable insights into your target industry, but also position yourself as a proactive and informed candidate.

Build and Utilize Your LinkedIn Network

Transitioning to a new industry can be especially intimidating for working professionals who don’t want to alert their current employers to their job search. In addressing this, career coach Jen Morris recommends a nuanced approach. To subtly indicate your openness to opportunities, strategically incorporate relevant keywords into your LinkedIn profile or activate the "Open to Work" feature.

However, if you want to be more discreet in your job search, Morris also recommends changing the way you use LinkedIn. Morris advocates for purposeful engagement with individuals in your target industry. Initiate phone calls or utilize LinkedIn messaging to glean valuable insights into your desired role and potential opportunities. Your network and connections can be your most valuable assets when it comes to switching industries mid-career.

Switching industries can be challenging for many professionals. You need experience to get the job, but you need a job to get experience. Our workshop with industry expert Jen Morris provided valuable insights into the recruitment process, helping you prepare for a successful job transition.

Morris is a fan of using LinkedIn to help you make the industry switch and offered many useful insights into effectively using the platform. LinkedIn is a valuable tool for discovering the next opportunity, extending far beyond its role as a job-search platform. It provides a space to forge meaningful connections with industry leaders and take advantage of networking and educational opportunities. Overall, Jen Morris suggests optimizing your LinkedIn profile and taking a proactive approach to your industry jump.

Interested in learning more practical tips about how to supercharge your career search? Read our career ebook, Landing a Job You Love.


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