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Top Careers for MBA Graduates of Online Programs


The Master of Business Administration degree, commonly known as the MBA program, is one of the most popular graduate degree programs for business professionals. This advanced degree is known for its emphasis on leadership skill development and can lead to a wide range of MBA occupations.  

The Value of an MBA Degree 

Business school requires both a significant financial investment and a substantial time commitment, but most professionals who enroll in an MBA degree program find that the effort is worthwhile. According to Investopedia, careers for MBA graduates tend to include senior-level management positions and leadership positions, and they may offer a higher earning potential than positions that do not require candidates to have an MBA. 

What jobs can you get with an MBA? The answer might surprise you. MBA graduates can pursue a wide variety of careers in business, allowing them to focus on an industry niche that appeals to them most. 

Roles in Management 

Management positions are some of the most coveted among MBA graduates, many of whom pursue this advanced degree to elevate their careers. 

Function of a Chief Executive Officer 

Known as the highest-ranking executive in the company, a chief executive officer oversees the totality of company operations. Per Investopedia, they must develop a dynamic strategy to grow the company, improve brand visibility, boost profits, and bolster share prices. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports the median salary for chief executives is about $189,000

Role of a Business Operations Manager 

A business operations manager is a high-level manager responsible for overseeing the company's supply chain and managing the organization's financial policies. Business operations managers are sometimes also referred to as chief operating officers, and they must be able to collaborate with other executives to manage the budget and generate financial reports. According to the BLS, business operations managers earn a median annual salary of about $122,000. 

Thriving in Tech and IT Jobs 

MBA graduates who are interested in working within the ever-growing tech sector will find that there are many opportunities available. 

Responsibilities of a Computer and Information Systems Manager 

Responsible for planning and coordinating all computer-related activities within an organization, computer and information systems managers play an increasingly important role in any organization. The BLS indicates these professionals are responsible for evaluating the technical needs of an organization, directing the installation and maintenance of technology, and enabling a security network for the organization's computer and information systems. They earn a median annual pay close to $164,000. 

The Importance of a Chief Technology Officer 

As one of the newest seats at the table in the C-suite, the chief technology officer position is becoming increasingly important and necessary. Indeed shares that a chief technology officer may be responsible for overseeing the development of new technology for external clients, and they also may work to manage all internal IT operations. The BLS additionally notes that top executives earn a median yearly income of about $189,000. 

Opportunities in Finance and Accounting 

Often, business professionals who work in finance or accounting pursue an MBA degree to specialize in the field and pursue senior-level management positions. 

Financial Manager: A Key MBA Career 

While accountants may manage the day-to-day records of an organization, financial managers can look at the bigger picture. The BLS asserts that financial managers are responsible for outlining and identifying long-term financial goals for the organization as well as directing the organization's investment strategy. They earn a median annual income of around $139,000. 

The Role of Personal Financial Advisors 

Rather than working on behalf of a larger organization, personal financial advisors work directly with individuals who want to manage their finances and increase their wealth. The BLS suggests that personal financial advisors work to develop a plan for individual clients that allows them to achieve their short-term and long-term financial goals. They strive to provide personalized advice that caters to the needs and goals of their clients. Most personal financial advisors are self-employed, and they earn a median annual wage of about $95,000.

The Exciting World of Marketing 

Marketing somehow manages to combine the prowess of the business world with the vibrancy of the creative world, allowing MBA students to forge a dynamic career in the field. 

Insight Into the Role of a Marketing Manager 

Marketing managers are often responsible for overseeing brand development. As stated by Indeed, they develop a marketing strategy and work closely with a marketing team to enact that plan. The BLS notes that marketing managers earn a median annual compensation of about $138,000

What Does a Marketing Director Do? 

Marketing directors are another senior-level marketing position that is one of the top MBA occupations. Insight Global reveals that marketing directors may be responsible for creating marketing campaigns, delegating tasks to the marketing team, and managing the marketing department budget. The BLS notes that marketing directors earn a median annual salary of about $138,000. 

The Human Resources Domain 

The human resources department focuses on the people who make the organization great, and those who aspire to be leaders within the department may want to consider an MBA degree. 

The Impact of a Human Resources Manager 

Indeed further states that a human resources manager is a professional who creates a strategic plan to recruit and retain top talent in the industry and develop policies and protocols for all staff members to follow. The BLS notes that human resources managers are required in every industry, making this one of the most versatile careers for MBA graduates. These professionals report a median yearly earning of about $130,000. 

The Significance of a Compensation and Benefits Manager 

Compensation and benefits managers are human resources professionals who are responsible for developing a dynamic wage and compensation strategy for employees. The BLS cites that they are responsible for developing the organization's pay and benefits structure, monitoring wage trends, and ensuring that the pay and compensation strategy aligns with industry standards and government regulations. They earn a median annual income of about $131,000. 

The Path to Entrepreneurship 

Earning your MBA doesn't mean that you must spend a lifetime in the corporate world. This degree program can provide you with the advanced knowledge and core competencies required to branch off on your own as an entrepreneur. 

How MBAs Can Become Successful CEOs 

With an MBA degree in hand, you can begin to forge your path forward and develop your own company. As a CEO, you are responsible for overseeing the growth and development of your brand, and you must assemble a team of executives, senior-level managers, and trusted employees who will help you build your company from the ground up. The BLS claims that CEOs earn a median yearly salary of about $189,000

The Role of Management Consultants 

Management consultants are independent entrepreneurs who are in high demand in the business world. The BLS acknowledges that management consultants and analysts work to evaluate an organization's business strategy and provide them with recommendations to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profits. They earn a median annual pay of about $95,000. H2: Careers in Healthcare for MBAs Some of the most up-and-coming MBA occupations exist within the healthcare field, allowing MBA students to become thought leaders in this dynamic industry. 

Function of a Healthcare Manager 

A healthcare facility is a business, which is why healthcare managers are in high demand. Healthcare managers work to oversee the business operations of a healthcare facility, and they are often responsible for managing compliance standards at the facility, overseeing the facility's budget, and recruiting the most qualified staff members, per the BLS. They earn a median yearly income of about $104,000. 

Can an MBA Help You Become a Hospital Administrator? 

Hospital administrators are management professionals who oversee the operations at a hospital. MBA students who specialize in healthcare administration may be qualified for these specialized positions, which require candidates to have exceptional business insight as well as a foundational understanding of the healthcare industry. Similar to healthcare managers, the BLS notes that hospital administrators earn a median yearly pay of around $104,000

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Which MBA Job Has the Highest Salary? 

The BLS asserts that chief executives earn the highest salaries among all MBA graduates. The BLS notes that chief executives earned a median annual salary of about $189,000 in 2022. 

Which MBA Jobs Are in High Demand? 

Business Because claims MBA jobs that are in high demand include management consulting positions, healthcare administrators, chief technology officers, senior data analysts, and financial analysts. 

What Skills Do MBA Employers Look For? 

Employers that are looking to hire MBA graduates are interested not only in candidates who have exceptional business acumen and a solid understanding of the most advanced business strategies but also in those who have well-developed leadership skills. Core competencies such as effective communication, digital literacy, emotional awareness, empathy, collaboration, critical thinking, and creative thinking are appealing to employers who are looking to hire MBA graduates.

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