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What Can You Do With a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting?

If you've considered entering the accounting field, pursuing accounting training or a bachelor's degree in accounting is a great place to start. However, many prospective accounting students want to ensure they're making a smart investment in their future before enrolling in a degree program, and often ask, "what can I do with a degree in accounting?"

Accounting is a broad field that presents multiple career paths to those with a degree - depending on your personality type and working preferences, your area of specialization, and your specific technical accounting skills, you could go in any number of directions. This is good news for those who don't have a clear career path in mind: if you're generally interested in accounting, you can begin a degree path and use your time in school to identify what it is you truly want to do within the field.

Accounting is also a fast-growing field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that "139,900 new accounting and auditing jobs will open up by 2026." This is an 10% growth rate, which is faster than the average growth rate for all occupations across all industries in the United States. This means that there are many accounting job opportunities available, and degree-holders will be well-positioned to find a great job.

While, as mentioned, there are countless career opportunities in accounting one can pursue with a bachelor's degree, here are three of the best accounting jobs out there today.


Accounting Degree Jobs


Accountants are responsible for an organization's financial records. Most accountants work in specific areas of specialization, with duties that will vary based on the type of organization they work for, or the industry they're in. Different types of accounting include tax accounting, public accounting, forensic accounting, financial accounting, government accounting, and more.

The daily tasks and responsibilities of an accountant will vary greatly based on the type of accounting they're focusing on. They may be charged with general accounting tasks such as maintaining and examining financial statements, performing budget work to help organizations run more efficiently, maintain financial systems, handling accounts payable and receivable, and preparing tax returns.

Accountants have the opportunity to work in many different types of businesses and organizations, from the public sector to the private. Individuals with a bachelor's in accounting are often hired in:

  • Government agencies
  • Tax accounting firms
  • Private companies and corporations
  • Nonprofit organizations

Because there is so much variability in the kinds of organizations and businesses accountants work in, as well as the work that they do, salaries for accountants can range widely. However, the median annual salary for accountants in 2017 was $69,350.

Personal Financial Advisor

Personal financial advisors work with individuals to manage their finances and help them meet their financial goals. They are sought out for advice on all aspects of personal finance, including taxes, investments, insurance, retirement, estate planning, and more.

Personal financial advisors work closely with a roster of clients, helping them plan for the future (for example, college or retirement), monitor their accounts to optimize financial performance, research and recommend investment options, and educate clients on a variety of financial topics. They can either work independently, or as part of a financial advising firm.

In 2017, personal financial advisors earned a median annual salary of $90,640.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts work with businesses and individuals to help them make strong investment decisions. This involves assessing the performance of stocks, bonds, and other investments; creating investment strategies based on business or individual needs and goals; keep up with business and economic trends; and analyze financial data.

Financial analysts often develop expertise in a specific area - for example, a geographic region, industry, or product - and often will have different specialties, such as risk assessment or portfolio management. They can work many different kinds of organizations, including banks, insurance companies, securities firms, and mutual funds.

In 2017, financial analysts earned a median annual salary of $84,300.

While these are just three of the jobs you may qualify for with a bachelor's degree in accounting, there are countless others you can look into.


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