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What Is Healthcare Administration?

Sonya Krakoff

Healthcare is one of today's fastest-growing fields: according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of healthcare occupations is projected to grow 14% from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the overall average. This will result in approximately 1.9 million new jobs over that time period - more jobs than any other occupational group.

This means that there's significant opportunity in the field for those looking to build a promising career - and the opportunities aren't limited to those who wish to work as practitioners or in technical roles (such as nurses, physicians, medical assistants, or technicians). If you're interested in healthcare but don't want to pursue a career in medicine, healthcare administration might be the right fit for you.


What Is Healthcare Administration?

Healthcare administration is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses the business side of healthcare-focused organizations, institutions, and businesses, with a focus on management and leadership, operations, human resources, finances, and healthcare policy. Generally, healthcare administrators are working to guide overall business strategy, in order to ensure smooth organizational operations and an improved patient experience.


What Does a Healthcare Administrator Do?

Healthcare administration roles can vary greatly. As a professional in this field, you could find yourself responsible for a variety of tasks, including staffing, budget management and finances, administrative tasks, facility management, operations and program oversight, external relations, policy, and leadership of teams and employees. You could also choose a specific area of focus, such as accounting or human resources.

You can also find work in a variety of businesses and organizations. While many healthcare administrators work in medical centers, hospitals, or private practices, others work in insurance companies, government offices, schools or universities, mental health facilities, or nursing homes.


How to Get Into Healthcare Administration

To get into the healthcare administration field, you'll need a combination of education, relevant experience, and a desire to apply your skills in a mission-driven profession.

Many people working in healthcare administration have experience in clinical or technical roles, and are looking to move into a different career path within the industry. However, others come to the field from other professions, or apply their experience in different fields to their work in healthcare.

One thing all healthcare administrators have in common is a degree in a relevant field. If you already have a bachelor's degree in nursing, for example, you might need to build your knowledge through a master's degree in healthcare administration, or an MBA. If you're coming to the field without relevant medical experience, you may want to pursue a bachelor's in healthcare administration.

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