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Congratulations and Welcome to Champlain College!

Thank you for choosing Champlain College Online (CCO) as you pursue your educational and career goals. Our team will be here to support you every step of the way.

New Student Checklist

We know you’re excited to get started - and we’re excited to welcome you to the Champlain College community! Shortly after accepting your offer, you will receive an introductory email from your advisor. If you have any questions about starting classes, juggling school, work, and family, or anything else, your advisor is your go-to person. They’re here for you. To get to know all our advisors and get specific contact information, head over to our Student Support page.

As a newly accepted student at Champlain College Online there are a few things you need to do before you can start your classes. To fully prepare yourself for your first term at Champlain, complete the items below.

For a printable checklist, click here.

Your Advisor looks forward to talking with you about your program requirements, your goals and any questions you may have. The link to their phone scheduler can be found in your welcome email. Please also refer to this page to locate their contact information

In the days after being registered you will receive an automated email directing you to activate your Champlain College account. This account will provide you login access to all Champlain College resources including your Champlain College email, Canvas (our online Learning Management System), Self Service (where you can check your Program Progress, class schedule, grades, etc.), Smarthinking 24/7 online tutoring, and more.

If you have not received the activation email or cannot locate it, you can refer to the following instructions: activate your account or reset your password

If your account is locked or you need further assistance please contact Champ Support at 802.860.2710 or

You will receive a second email letting you know that your email address has been set up. Official email will be sent to your Champlain College email account; any requests you make to alter your academic record in any way (ie, withdraw from a class) must originate from your Champlain College email account. Therefore, it is critical that you create this account by doing the following:

The Student Accounts Office will send instructions on your payment options to your Champlain College email address once you are registered for classes. You can view payment options now in Student Self-Service.

Prior to starting your first class at Champlain College, you are expected to complete two free, self-paced orientation tutorials that will help you prepare for your class(es). You will receive an email approximately three weeks prior to the start of your first class to let you know the tutorials are open. 

You’ll be invited to attend a webinar for new students approximately 3 weeks before the start of your first class. If you're not able to attend, don’t worry—a recording of the webinar will be sent to you.

3-4 weeks before your first class, your academic advisor will remind you to:

  • Double check your course registration in Self-Service
  • Confirm textbook requirements via the Online Bookstore. Gather required materials and locate any additional Digital Library resources
  • Preview your course syllabus
  • Review the Technical Requirements
  • Connect with the Office of Accessibility if you have a documented disability that could substantially limit your ability to be successful in the online classroom you could be eligible for academic accommodations

The Champlain College library is not only a brick and mortar building full of people and books, but also a digital resource providing access to material that will help you complete your work. Often times, materials needed for classes are provided via our library meaning fewer textbooks are required. Our award-winning librarians are experts in the research process and are available by phone, chat or email to help you succeed.

Brainfuse is a 24/7 online tutoring platform offered to all Champlain College students. You can meet virtually with a tutor, post a question, get study materials, view tutorials, submit a paper or career documents (like your resume) for review, and more.

All you need to get started are your Champlain College login credentials. You can log into Brainfuse here.

If you have a documented disability that could substantially limit your ability to be successful in the online classroom, you may request reasonable academic accommodations through the College's Office of Accessibility.

Sometimes things just don’t work as easily as they should. For information and tutorials explore the Champ Support Wiki. If you are experiencing technical issues, please reach out to Champ Support at 802.860.2710 or

Locate the many resources, questions and answers available to you through the Current Students page. If you aren’t able to find what you need, your Academic Advisor is here to help get you to the right place.

Champlain College recognizes that transgender, non-binary, and/or gender-nonconforming students may not use the name that they were assigned at birth, as it does not reflect their identity. We also recognize that, for a variety of reasons, students may not wish to go through a legal name change—or may be in the middle of doing so—but don't want to use their dead name in class and on campus in the meantime. To accommodate this, the College has staff in place to assist students who wish to update their email addresses, academic class listings, and ID cards with their chosen name.

To inquire about or begin the process of updating an email address, academic class listing, and ID card, please complete the Chosen Name Request Form. Students wishing to learn more about the specific scope of this option before completing the form should contact Lisa Mazzariello at, located in IDX Student Life Center 315.