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Appreciative Inquiry Stackable

Collaborate with Champlain College Online to assess your workforce skills gaps and identify the solutions that best meet your organization's needs. 

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Collaborate with Champlain College Online to customize a program that enables your organization to:

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Develop your organization's capacity to identify and leverage strengths, talents and possibilities with Appreciative Inquiry (AI). Grounded in evidence-based practices, and the latest science of strength-based change, Appreciative Inquiry turns the old idea of organizational change on its head. Rather than starting with a focus on what is wrong in your organization, AI invites you to ask what is working and how you can scale up successes. For over 30 years, AI has been used around the world to create positive organizational change. In  today’s world of continual disruption, AI provides a framework and practical tools to navigate change in a way that brings out the best in everyone.

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  • Choose Your Modules: We will help you choose the modules that best meet the needs of your organization. 
  • Determine Your Delivery Method: Fully Online, Face-to-Face, Hybrid
  • Brand Your Academy: We will work with you, should you choose, to make the materials for your academy look like they came from your organization.
  • Tailor Content: Infuse proprietary content or case studies in to one or all the modules
  • Make it Count: Choose CEUs or Academic Credit at Champlain College Online

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Modules can be stacked into Academies or offered individually. Additionally, we can customize the modules to include content and/or case studies proprietary to your organization. 

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive and practical introduction to the principles and practices of Appreciative Inquiry and strengths-based change. Topics include:

  • Understanding the principles and theory behind Appreciative Inquiry
  • Understanding the latest science around strengths-based change
  • Unpacking common myths and misperceptions about Appreciative Inquiry
  • Learning how to leverage the power of your questions to catalyze innovation and action
  • Cases and examples illustrating how Appreciative Inquiry has been applied in organization's around the world to create positive change

The course is designed for individuals across organizations who are working to lead change formally or informally at the individual, team or systems level. 

This course provides a deeper dive into the specific tools and techniques for putting appreciative practices into place in your organization. Not only will you be introduced to specific methodologies for applying Appreciative Inquiry at all levels, you will have an opportunity to begin putting them into practice in your own organization. Topics include:

  • Exploring the building blocks for any appreciative practice
  • Applying appreciative change practices at the individual level
  • Applying appreciative change practices in teams and small groups
  • Designing strategic and system-level appreciative interventions

This course provides an opportunity for you to design and deliver a customized Appreciative Inquiry project in your own organization. Through coaching and hands-on application of a change initiative, you will learn how to bring the principles and practices of Appreciative Inquiry to life in your own system.

Emerging topics from the field of strength-based change will also be explored to ensure you are informed of the latest research and practice happening in the world. Topics include:

  • Defining and designing your own appreciative application project
  • Appreciative coaching for success
  • Timely topics from the field of strengths-based change
  • Reflections on your appreciative learning journey

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