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Alternative Credit Providers

Pave the pathway to a degree with truED and Champlain College Online.

Make Affordable Education More Attainable 

Today’s savvy adult learners understand the value alternative credit providers bring to the table. By offering affordable access to coursework and allowing students to demonstrate mastery of the material on their own schedule, you are making higher education attainable for legions of adult learners who might otherwise be left behind. 

For organizations, alternative credit providers offer cost-effective solutions for skill attainment, competency assessment, and professional development, and potential pathways to full certificate and degree programs at academic institutions.  

Champlain College Online is proud to align with forward-thinking and reputable alternative credit providers to help your students—and partner organizations—turn those credits earned into the building blocks of a sought-after Champlain associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or undergraduate certificate, all offered 100% online.

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Mary Trepanier, Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Administration

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"My advisor was nothing short of wonderful! She helped me organize my class schedule to complete my degree at an accelerated pace and keep me on track. Without her knowledge and help, I couldn't have completed my degree in the timeframe I needed."

Mary Trepanier Bachelor's & Master's Degrees in Healthcare Administration
Mammography Team Lead, Central Vermont Medical Center
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