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What to Look for in a Marketing Training Program

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What to Look for in a Marketing Training Program

Best practices change. Consumer behavior evolves. Technology advances. Staying up to date with marketing tactics, tools, and techniques is crucial, no matter where you are in your career. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a senior executive, you can benefit from training in marketing.

Communication, Sales, and Marketing Training for Career Advancement

At various stages in your career, you might seek out different types of information, whether for personal enrichment or professional advancement.

For example, if you’ve been a more behind-the-scenes person at work and are interested in working in business development or customer engagement, sales and marketing training could help you with this transition. If you’re already in the field, seeking out specialized or advanced training can help you propel your career.

No matter what role we play in our organizations, we’re all communicators to some extent. In addition to sales and marketing training, you could seek out classes, sessions, and workshops that focus on written, verbal, digital, or traditional communication methods. Crisis communications - how to interact with internal and external stakeholders - is one example area to consider.

The more we know the more valuable we become. Continued training in marketing can help us perform better at work, prepare us for more responsibilities, and lead to advancement opportunities.

(If you’re considering a career change and are completely new to marketing, you might even consider earning an undergraduate certificate or bachelor’s degree in the field; our blog post, Marketing vs. Communications: A Comparison of Careers and Degrees offers a great overview!)

4 Things to Look for in a Marketing Training Program

Keep your end goal in mind as you consider your options. Are you looking to refresh your skills? Learn something entirely new? Explore another aspect of the industry? Prepare for an industry certification? In addition to finding a program that fits your budget, schedule, and goal, here’s what else to consider:

Skill Level

It’s always good to brush up on the basics, of course. But when you’re looking to invest in a marketing training program, you’ll want to make sure it’s at the appropriate level for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before registering and, if available, scan a syllabus or training session agenda.

Instructor Experience

Along with attending a marketing training program that fits your professional needs, ensure you’re learning from someone knowledgeable in the topic at hand. Look beyond degrees and titles; it’s also about real-world experience.

Added Value

Get the most out of your experience! With an array of in-person and online options, look for a marketing training program with added-value aspects. For example, if it’s online, will the session be recorded for later viewing or will there be downloadable materials to use as references?


Some marketing training programs, such as those offered by software companies and industry organizations, lead to a certificate or credential. Or, if your company or industry requires professional development or official continuing education credits, you should make sure you’re choosing a qualified program.

Training in Marketing While Earning Your Degree or Certificate

Attending conferences, one-day workshops, or online seminars are all valuable ways to invest in your professional development. Although it might not immediately come to mind when you think of “training,” a degree or certificate in marketing certainly serves this purpose as well.

Champlain College Online’s marketing & communication bachelor's degree includes plenty of real-world, practical learning opportunities. Even better, you can immediately apply what you’re learning to the workplace. With concentrations in digital marketing and content strategy, plus a range of elective courses, you can personalize your schedule with classes that fit your communications, sales, and marketing training interests.

If an undergraduate marketing certificate is more your speed, consider this shorter-term option to build a foundation in the field. Champlain's marketing certificate coursework will help you build new skills, differentiate your resume,and demonstrate proficiency in a focused area of learning - all key outcomes to advance your career.

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